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Multichapter: Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 1)

Title:     Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 1)

Pairing:     Akanishi Jin & Nishiyama Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya & Ayase Haruka, AKAME

Summary:     They both had their own girlfriend, but is it really their true love?

Notes:     This is my FIRST multichapter fanfic. Well, this can say collaboration fic with my dear friend, thedoc46 </lj>
since the idea of this fic is from her. Thanks! And thanks to zaidorazhou </lj>

too for beta-ed this fic even she is busy with her works. Thanks a lot, dear! ^_~

“Ka~zu~yaaaa~~~~” Jin said it out loud when he enter KAT-TUN’s changing room.

“Can you stop calling me like that? You sound so pervert.” Kame said.

“But I love to call you like that. Ka~zu~yaaaa~~~~” Jin said again as he ignore the death glare that Kame gave him.

“Shut up!” Kame said angrily.

“It’s my mouth so I can say what I want.” Jin replied grinning.

“Hm, it’s up to you. You really are such a stubborn guy. I wonder why Maki agreed to be your girlfriend. If I got such a boyfriend like you, I’d rather be a single than have you as a boyfriend.”

“Hey, look who is talking. I also wonder why Ayase wants to be with you. I don’t know what she sees in you.” Jin chuckles.


“Guys, can you both stop quarrelling?” Ueda suddenly interrupted.

“Hai hai…” Kame answered and then he goes in front of the mirror to fix his hair. Jin followed Kame from behind.



“What do you want now? If you just want to play, you better shut up. I don’t want to be scolded by Ueda again.”

“I’m serious. Ne…Tomorrow is our day off from work, right?”

“Yes. So?”

”Em.. How about we spent that day together? It has been a long time that we spent our day off together.”

“Hm…I’m sorry, Jin. I already promised Ayase to meet her tomorrow. We rarely meet these past few days because we are both busy.” Kame answered then Jin pouted.

“Hm... How about you join us? You can bring Maki along. We can have a double-date, like the usual.” Kame said to persuade Jin who is now sulking.

“Great idea. Okay. I agree. So, when and where?” Jin smiled widely.

“I’ll tell you later once I will confirm with Ayase first.” Kame was now relieved to see Jin smiling.

“Okay. I’ll be waiting.” His smile still on his face as he moved towards the couch.


“You two really can’t be apart, ne?. Even if both of you already have your own girl.” Maru said as he heard what they both were talking about.

“Well, have you already forgotten? Kame is my special friend, I can’t say he is my best friend because our relationship is beyond that. I guess it is something that can’t be described that easily” Jin replied with a sigh.

“Owh, is that so? Is that really the reason why you two are organizing this double-date?”  Maru said doubtfully.

“Well, the more the merrier, right?”


Maru just nodded, not totally agreeing with their reason.


“Guys, I’m off first, okay. See you in next two days. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Bye.” Kame said as he gets his bag and walks to the door.

“Kazu… Wait for me. I want to go home with you.” Jin said and as fast as he could, he grab his bag and run to Kame.


Maru who saw that scene, shook his head. Even when going home, Jin still wants to be with Kame. Maru thought. Is he really in love with Maki? I think he loves Kame more than Maki, he thought to himself.


“Itaii~” Maru shriek when suddenly Ueda smacked his head.

“What are you thinking with all those wrinkles on your forehead?” Ueda asked him.

“Nothing… I’m just wondering about those two. Kame and Jin.”


“I really think it is so odd. They both had their own girl. But, still they are so attach with each other. Always want to be together. Kame always with Jin. And vice versa. Especially Jin, he really can’t be apart from Kame. And whenever Kame did that fan service thing with Koki, Jin gets angry and furious after that. Sometimes, I think that……” Maru didn’t complete his sentence because he was afraid what Ueda respond is if he said that he thinks Jin and Kame love each other.

“You think that Kame and Jin love each other. Is it?” Ueda said.


Maru seems shocked with Ueda statement. Is Ueda can read my mind, he thought.


“Well, I always noticed that. It is before they both get their own girl. I really think Kame and Jin love each other. But, I don’t know whether they noticed that or they didn’t want to admit what they feel since Johnny-san has warned them both, right? Sometimes I think they just get into a relationship to avoid anymore issues between the two of them. But, we don’t know what they really think actually. Let’s just let them do what they want to do, as long as they are happy and didn’t affect our group and our work.”

“Yeah, you are right. Hm, I think I should go home too. Do you want me to give you a ride?”

“Sure, why not, as long as it can save my money.” Ueda accepted Maru’s offer. Then, they both leave the Johnny’s Jimusho building together.




“Are you sure Kame, that you have told Jin and Maki about today?” Ayase asks Kame, as they waited patiently for Jin and Maki. Apparently the two were waiting for almost one hour for Jin and Maki to arrive.

“Yes. We were together last night when I called you.” Kame said.


Owh, so they are together again last night. Ayase thought to herself.


“Just be patient ne~. I am sure Jin woke up late this morning. As usual. He is really bad when it comes to waking up early.” Kame explained as he tries to comfort Ayase.

“Hm…you really know him well, ne Kame?”

“Of course I do. We’ve known each other for one decade now. And he is my best friend, deshou?”


Sometimes I wonder do you really know me the way you know Jin, Kame? You seem want to spend more your time with him rather than me. Ayase thought but she didn’t even dare to say it out loud to Kame. She doesn’t want to ruin their date today since both of them rarely get to spend time together. Even today they will have a double-date with Jin and Maki, again. But, as long as she is with Kame, she is happy.


After an hour and a half waiting for Jin and Maki, they both arrive. Jin and Maki are panting since they both were running towards Kame and Ayase who are waiting for them.


“I am sorry, Kame, Ayase. We are late about…” Maki said as she looks at her watched. “About an hour and a half. Sorry. This guy, I’ve been waiting for him to pick me up at home but since he is late, I went to his apartment and I found out that he is still sleeping.”


Maki explained while Jin is still panting. He really looks tired, didn’t bother to explain. His hair is so messy and his collar shirt is unfolded. Kame who saw that approaches Jin.


“It’s okay Maki. I did expect that.” Kame said as tried to fix Jin’s messy hair and his collar. While Kame is doing that, Jin was just standing doing nothing and merely watches Kame with a smile on his face.


Ayase and Maki who watch that only look at both of them with a stunned face. They both feel strange watching both of them and they both were feeling hurt deep inside, but no one has the guts to let their feelings out.


“So, where do we want to go first?” Ayase suddenly ask to get rid the sudden awkward atmosphere.

“Hm, I am hungry while waiting for both of you. Why don’t we go eat first?” Kame said.

“Okay. We eat first. I don’t want to be responsible if you collapse here because of hunger.” Jin said teasingly to Kame.

“No, I won’t.”

”Yes, you will.”

“No, I won’t.” As usual, they both started to quarrel. The two girls just shook their head.

“Okay, guys. Stop being childish. And Kame, don’t worry if he doesn’t want to be responsible if you collapse. I am here for you. I will help you. Do you forget that?” Ayase said with smiling.

“Right. I have you, so I won’t bother if this baka don’t want to help me.” Kame sticks out his tongue to Jin.

“Jin dear. Can you stop it? You are being childish.” Maki said suddenly when Jin tries to responds to Kame.

“Hai hai. So, what we should eat?” Jin asks.

“Em…I think I want to eat ramen.” Maki answered.

“But, we just eat ramen last night, right Jin? Can we go eat something else today? How about pasta?” Kame said.

“Okay then. We go eat pasta. Can we, Maki? We both had eaten it last night and I also don’t want to eat the same thing today. I promise if you want to eat it badly, I will accompany you tomorrow. How is it?” Jin tries to cheer her up.


Maki just nodded her head. Too lazy to argue. Ayase just listen to their discussion. When she heard that Kame and Jin had ate ramen together last night, and how Jin easily accepted Kame’s suggestion, she feels hurt inside her heart, again. But, she tries to ignore it.


They are just best friend. Nothing more than that. Best friend is always like that. Ayase said to herself.


And at the same time, Maki think the same thing too. They are just a best friend, Maki. You are his girl. Relax.


So, as they had decided, four of them walk together to Kame’s favorite restaurant to eat pasta. And then, they all go to the theme park and play there all day until the dinner time.


“Okay, how about we go to the karaoke next?” Jin suggest as they finish their dinner.

“I agree. Let’s go.” Kame said. But the two girls didn’t respond.

“Why, Ayase?” Kame asked.

“I have a drama shoot tomorrow morning. So, I have to go home early tonight to prepare for tomorrow.”

“Me too. I have a photo shoot early in the morning tomorrow. So, I think I can’t go.” Maki said. Then, when she was about to ask Jin to sent her home, but Jin butt in.

“If that so, you both can go home together and Kame and I will go to karaoke since our schedule tomorrow start at noon.”


When Maki heard that, her face suddenly changes. Kame and Ayase notice that. But, Ayase just kept quiet and didn’t say anything as she waits for Kame’s respond.


“Jin, I think it is enough for today. You should send Maki home and I can send Ayase home.” Kame said considering.

“Mou~ Kazu… I’ve not had enough fun today… Come with me to the karaoke, please…” Jin pouted.


Kame who really didn’t like to see Jin’s sulking just sighs. Now he is confused. Jin or Ayase? Then, he said.


“Gomen ne, Ayase. Can you go home with Maki, tonight? I will call you once I got home.” Kame said slowly tries not to disappoint her. Ayase sighed.

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for your call.”

“So,we go first. Kame, thanks for today.” Maki said. “Jin, bye. Take care.” As she said that she gives a peck on Jin’s cheek.

“Okay. Bye. You too, take care. Call me if there’s anything. Okay? Ayase, bye.”

“Bye. Thanks for today, Jin. Please take care of Kame. Don’t let him drink too much.” Ayase said as she tries to cheer up the atmosphere.

“Mou~ you are mean, Ayase. Why I can’t drink?” Kame said poutedly.

“Because… You will forget to call me when you are drunk. Jin, take care of him, okay.” Ayase said again as she too gives a peck at Kame’s cheek. Kame just smile to her.

“Don’t worry. I will take a good care of your boyfriend.” Jin replied.

“Take care, ne both of you. Bye.”



. . . . . . . .


All the way home, Ayase and Maki didn’t say a word. It is not that they didn’t get along well. It is just they are not in the mood to talk. They both were thinking about their own boyfriend. How close they are and how Jin treats Kame and vice versa. It is all they think until they both say goodbye to each other as they arrive at their own destination.




Jin and Kame, both move to the nearest pub. They sang a lot of their senpai songs. Kame drinks a lot but he also controlled himself as he doesn’t want to be drunk as his promise to Ayase. They both seem to really enjoy their time together until midnight, they leave the pub and go home. And Kame, as he promised to Ayase, he called her before he goes to sleep.

 -to be continue-

To the chapter 2

So, how it it? Okay? Or suck? Or it's lame? I know it must be since this is my first time write such a long fic...
Just leave your comment and I will try my best to reply..^_^


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