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Multichapter: Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 2)

Title:   Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 2)

Pairing:   Akanishi Jin & Nishiyama Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya & Ayase Haruka, AKAME

Summary:   They both had their own girlfriend, but is it really their true love?

Notes:   Nothing much to say. Thanks a lot to zaidorazhou for beta-ed this. And for those who already read the first chapter and giving your support, here comes the chapter 2. Hope you guys enjoy it.

|| Chapter 1 ||


Maki is now standing in front of Johnny’s Jimusho building next evening after finishing her photo shoot. She and Jin have promised to meet there since Jin too has finished his dance practice. Then, she heard someone running. She turns and saw Jin running approaching her with a smile on his face.


“Sorry, I’m late. I took the shower first since I’m sweating all over just now.” Jin explains.

“Un… It’s okay. Since I am used to waiting for you because you’re always late.” Maki smiled. “So, let’s go…”

As they both start to move, suddenly they heard someone screaming Jin’s name.


“Akanishi-kun, Kamenashi-kun fall off the stage. It seems he injured his leg.” Nakajima explained while holding on to his breath.

“Why? What happened? That guy… He should be brought to clinic right now. Maki, you wait here.”


Jin tried to run with Nakajima but Maki grab his hand. Jin looks at Maki confusingly.


“Aren’t there anyone else to help Kame, Nakajima-kun?” Maki said. She still refuses to let go of Jin’s hand.

“Ahh… Okay. I will find someone else. Sorry for disturbing you.” Nakajima said politely then he runs inside the building.

“Maki, why did you that? I can help Kame if you just let me go. Please.” Jin said as he tries to escape his hand from Maki.

“No. I am sure there’s someone else who can help him. You are with me now, Jin.”

“Maki, how come you become so selfish? Kame is my best friend. I should help him.”

“Jin, there must be someone else who can help him right now. But you, you already promised to accompany me today.”

“But, I really should go help Kame. He needs me, right now.”

“Jin, I also need you. Aren’t you forgetting something? I am your girlfriend!” Maki started to raise her voice since she is so frustrated with Jin’s attitude.


Maru who happens to help Ueda to send Kame to the car, heard Maki’s voice. When it seems so tense there, he decides to stop and hear what had happen.


“Yes, sweetie. I know that you are my girlfriend. But, Kame is my best friend. And he had injured himself so why should not I help him? What is wrong with it?”

“Jin! You are really pissing me off right now. I notice that you always make Kame your priority rather than me. You gave your attention almost to Kame rather than me. I’m your girlfriend, Jin. Not him! How could you do this to me? Every time you leave me, it is always for Kame. I’m hurt, Jin. Really hurt!” Maki said while her eyes started to fill with tears.


Jin just stand there, too astonished with Maki’s word. He felt so stiff he doesn’t know how to respond. When Maki saw Jin’s reaction, her tears started too fall down.


“Jin, I believe that we need to break for a while. I need to think. You too need to think.”

“Maki, I thought you understand me. Kame is my best friend. So, it is necessary for me to help him if he needs me. And why should we break? Don’t you love me?”

“I love you, Jin. I really do. But, you! Do you really love me, Jin? Or is it just a like? You just like me, right? Not love.”

“Maki, what is this nonsense you are talking about?”

“Look. Just answer my question please.” Maki said pleadingly.


“Look, Jin. It is meaningless to continue this relationship if there is no place for me in your heart. There’s someone else that you love more and someone is more important to you. And now I realize that someone is not me, Jin. It is someone else. You close your eyes, and ask your heart. Who is it you really love actually, Jin? You should think. And if you have found the answer, and the answer is me, call me. I’ll be waiting for you. But if it is not me, then this is a goodbye.”


As Maki said that, she turns and walks away leaving Jin. Each step that Maki take, tears falls down on her face. I really love you, Jin. But it hurts to watch you lie to yourself and me. It really hurts.


Jin just stands there, watching Maki from behind. He didn’t do anything.


Who I love actually? Jin thought. He really didn’t understand why Maki said like that. He really suddenly got so confused of his feelings.


Maru who heard Jin and Maki’s arguing, approached Jin when he was sure that Maki already left. Then, he pats Jin’s shoulder. Jin was surprised and turn back to look who it was. When he looked at Maru, suddenly he remembered about Kame. He then try to run but Maru stop him.


“If you want to help Kame, no need. Ueda already sent him to the clinic. And we need to talk, Jin.”

“About what?”

“About you, Kame and Maki-san.” Maru answered. “Sorry, I heard all those things when you are arguing with Maki-san just now.”

“Okay. I understand if you want to talk about me and Maki. But, why are you dragging about Kame too? You want to scold me about how I always give attention to Kame? Damn. Why all of you are so mad about it? We are best friend, right? What is wrong with that?” Jin said angrily.

“No, you are wrong. I don’t want to talk about how you always give attention to Kame rather than to your girlfriend. I also don’t want to talk how close you both. Sometimes more closed than with your both girlfriend. I don’t want to talk about that.”

“So, what?”

“Just now, you keep on telling Maki-san, and also to everyone that you and Kame are just best friend. But, is it really that way Jin? Think about it carefully, Jin. Because for me I really don’t think so.”

“What are you trying to say, Maru?”

“You LOVE him, Jin. YOU LOVE KAME. Not as a best friend, more than that. I agree with Maki-san. Think about it Jin. I know deep in your heart, you love Kame. You can lie to yourself. But, your heart can’t lie. Your eyes show that you really love Kame. You really care about him. Don’t you realize it? Think, Jin. Think.” Maru pats Jin’s shoulder again then he left.


After Maru leaves him, Jin drives home. He kept thinking about what Maki and Maru had said. And now he realize. He agrees with Maki and Maru. He loves Kame. He always loves him. Since before he got to know Maki, he already love Kame. But, he kept telling himself that it is just best friend’s love. He loves Kame just as a best friend. Not more than that. But now he realizes. He loves Kame more than that. He loves Kame more than he love Maki. That is why he always has the guts to break his promise with Maki and go to Kame.


. . . . . . . . .


Ayase is waiting for Kame at their usual restaurant. They had promised to meet there at 4 o’clock. But now is 5 o’clock, and Kame didn’t arrive yet. Ayase started to get mad. This is not the first time Kame late in their date. Kame always comes late. And the reason is his work. Kame always gives his work the first priority. He is really into his work and this sometimes makes Ayase pissed off. It seems his work is more important than their date. Ayase tried to call Kame’s phone but she can’t reach it.


That’s it. I’m going home. Ayase thought.


After paying the bill for her 3 cups of coffee, she left. Not long after that, her phone rang.


“Hello. Ayase.”


Ayase just kept quiet, didn’t say a word since she really was fuming mad.


“Ayase, I am truly sorry. I know you are mad. I just came back from the clinic.”


When she heard the word clinic, she starts to panic.


“Why would you go to clinic? Are you sick?” Ayase ask concern.

“No. I injured my ankle. I fall during the practice just now.” Kame explained.

“May I know, what time did you go to clinic?”

“I think about 4.30pm.”

“4.30 pm? You still practice your dance?”

“I’m sorry. Really sorry. I forgot our date. I was too focused to the practice. I am really sorry, dear. I just remember it when I arrived home.”

“Again, you forgot our date. How many times have you forgotten our date, Kame? Seriously, are you dating me or your work? Which is more important to you, Kame?” Ayase said angrily. She knows that Kame is injured right now but she really can’t accept it when Kame said he forgot their date.

“Ayase, you are important to me. My job too is important to me. Don’t get mad, please. I am sorry. I won’t do that again.”

“Sorry…Sorry…Sorry…Aren’t you tired saying those words, Kame? You keep forgetting our date because of your work. Sometimes you cancel our date because of Jin. But I can accept that since he is your best friend. But, this time… I don’t know. It seems you can live without me since you have your work that you love the most.” As she said that, she hangs up the phone.


Kame was surprised with Ayase response. He didn’t know what to do. He needs to find someone to talk about this. He needs to call Jin. Yes, Jin. Only Jin can help him, this time. Like always.

-to be continue-
To the chapter 3

So, how is it the second chapter, guys? Leave the comments please...^____^

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