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Multichapter: Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 3)

Title:   Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 3)

Pairing:   Akanishi Jin & Nishiyama Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya & Ayase Haruka, AKAME

Summary:   They both had their own girlfriend. But is it really their true love?

Notes:   Nothing much to say. Thanks to zaidorazhou </lj>
for beta-ed this. So this is the third chapter. I hope you guys like it like the previous chapter.

|| Chapter 1 || || Chapter 2 ||

I love him, I love him. That was what Jin thinks when he arrived to his apartment.

Argh…I can’t stand it. I need to tell Kazu... But, should I? Jin asks himself.


He grabs his phone then he types his message.


Maru, you are right. I love him. I love Kame. Thanks because you made me realize that I love him.  I want to tell Kame about my feelings. What do you think? Then he sent the message


After just a minute he received a reply from Maru.


It is not big deal. I always noticed that. I think you should tell Kame about your feelings because I can feel that Kame also loves you. Ueda think so too.


When he reads Maru’s message, Jin smiled. Yes, I should tell him he told himself. Then, he dialed Kame’s number.


“Hello. Kazu~”

“Jin. I was just about to call you.”


“Yes. Can we meet? I need to talk to you about something.”

“So am I. I will come to your house, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting.”


 When Jin arrived, he entered Kame’s apartment since he has the duplicate key, he went straight away to where Kame was.  At that moment, Kame is watching the television. His right ankle is bandage.


“Are you, okay?” Jin asks with concern.

“Yes. It is just a sprain in the ankle. Don’t worry. What did you brought?” Kame asks when he saw Jin was holding a plastic in his hand.

“Owh…It’s a pizza and some drinks. I thought you can’t cook tonight since you are hurt.” Jin said, grinning.

“Thanks. You did a great job since I am hungry right now.”


 Jin sat beside Kame. They both are enjoying their meal when Jin suddenly said.


“I had a quarrel with Maki, again. This time, it seems really serious.”


“Yes…She said something that…. Really made me think and realize something…. Then…She left me while crying and I don’t know what to do.”

“What did you do this time Jin?”

“I just… wanted…” Jin didn’t continue, his having a second thought whether he will tell to Kame or not. But then he continues. “To go to help you.” Jin whispered.

“You what?” Kame asks confusingly

“Nothing. Just forget about it. How about you? What do you want to talk about?”

“I too just had a fight with Ayase today.”

“Really? And what did you do this time that made Ayase mad? Don’t tell me that you’re late again with your date.”

“No. I’m not just late but I didn’t come since I injured my leg.”

“Didn’t you tell her that you are injured?”

“I did tell her. But since we promised to meet at 4 o’clock and I got injured about 4.30, she’s pissed off. Then she hangs up on me.”

“Hm…Why don’t you call her again and say sorry?”

“I think I just let her cool first. She is really pissed off this time.” Kame said. “You know what, Jin. Don’t you realize? Everytime we had a problem with our girl, we always meet together. Then, you will advice me what to do and I did the same thing to you. It’s not just that, we also had more double-date together than just date with them alone. Right?”

“Yes. I noticed that. And I also realized something big today. If Maki and Maru didn’t make me realize, maybe until now I will lie to myself.”

“And what is that?”

“Emm…” Jin paused. Should I tell him? Or not? And what if he didn’t feel the same like the way I do. Is Maru really sure that Kazu loves me too? But I do think that he feels the same like I do. It’s just…


Kame waits for Jin to answer but Jin seems to be in his own world. Kame ignores it and just takes another slice of pizza. Then, he takes his drink when suddenly an idea appears in his mind.


“Kazu, actually I…”

“Yes. I know!”


Jin and Kame said at the same time.


Kame knows? How does he know? I was just about to tell him that I love him, but he said he knows?


“What do you know?” Jin asks.

“I know what to do with Ayase so that she won’t mad at me anymore.”

“What is it?”

“I think I should ask her to marry me. We should engage first. And this will make her know that she is more important than my work.”

“Really?” Jin feeling really hurt when that words came out from Kame’s lips.

“Yes. Yes. I am sure. I will ask her tomorrow.”




Kame grabs his handphone and start typing his message to Ayase. He is smiling while he is typing. Jin feels like his heart is being stab with a knife but then when he saw Kame’s smile, he know he just wants Kame to be happy, it doesn’t matter what he feels now, what’s important is Kame to be happy.


“Emm… And what you want to say just now? Sorry if I interrupted you.”

“Nothing. I forgot what I want to say. Ignore it.” Jin said trying not to show his disappointment.


Then, they continue talking. Kame keeps talking how he wants to ask Ayase to get engage tomorrow. Jin just listens for all what Kame said. He is feeling sad. But what should he do? Kame is happy. They keep talking until the pizza and the drinks are finished. Kame also had fallen asleep at the couch. Jin just shakes his head when he notices that. Then, slowly he carries Kame like a bride and takes him to the bedroom. He place Kame on his bed and cover him with the blanket. Then, he sits beside Kame, watching his face. Face that he actually love all this while. He keeps staring at Kame while tears falling down on his face when he remember that Kame wants to get engage with Ayase but he still didn’t tell Kame that he loves him. Next thing he knows his lips reach Kame’s forehead and kiss it slowly, trying not to wake Kame up. Then, he gives a peck at Kame’s lips which he think it was the first and the last time he can do it. Then, he leaves Kame and goes home.

-to be continue-
To the chapter 4

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