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One-Shot: Always Beside You

Title: Always Beside You

Pairing: AKAME, a little hint of TaNaka and MaruDa

Genre: Fluff

Rating: Safe

Jin is desperate of all the issues that is coming out about him.

Beta: zaidorazhou  Thanks a lot!

Notes: This idea comes when I read the rumor about Jin and Koki and the AKAME moments posted by futari_love . And this fic has a LITTLE connection with my previous one-shot THE BEST MEDICINE. If any of you had read it before, you may understand this fic better but if you haven't read it yet, you still can understand this fic actually. ^___^

Ueda and Maru enter KAT-TUN’s dressing room with horrified look on their face. Ueda was holding a piece of paper in his hand.


“Bad news!” Maru said and this made the other KAT-TUN member look at Maru and Ueda, questioningly.

“Read this.” Ueda pass the paper to Jin who is sitting beside Koki.


Kame, is standing while reading the magazine and  Junno is as usual playing his PSP watched them confusedly.


“Nonsense!” Koki scream and then he grabs the paper and throw it away. Unfortunately, the paper was thrown in front of Kame. Kame takes the paper and reads it while Junno is still clueless.


After reading it, Kame sits besides Jin. “Jin dear…”

“No, Kazu. Don’t believe it. I am not involved with drugs. Believe me.  I don’t know anything about this. Kazu~” Jin explained with teary eyes.

Kame just smiles, then nodded his head. “Yes. I know.”


Jin smile too, he felt a little relieved, he then pats his lap, and looked at Kame. Kame understands it, and then he moves and sits on Jin’s lap. The moment Kame sits on his lap, Jin hugged Kame tightly. While Kame encircling his hand around Jin’s neck and rest his head on Jin’s shoulder.


“Kazu… I really don’t know about that drug. I swear I am not lying. I’m scared. Johnny must be angry with me. I don’t want to be sent to overseas again. I don’t want to be separated with you again. I really can’t bear it this time if it happens again. I really don’t want.”

“Sweetheart, don’t worry. You don’t need to be afraid. I know you are innocent. We all know you are innocent.” Kame said, looking at Koki. “You too. Don’t worry. We will support you.”

“But, Kazu…” Jin tried to say something again but was stopped when Kame kissed him. And then he just responded to the kiss. He needs this now, he need to feel that Kame won’t leave him in spite of all the bad issues that have come out about him.


Koki just look at both of them. He looks so sad when he watch Kame and Jin kissing.  Maru noticed this. He felt sorry for Koki too. Then, he approached Koki, grab Koki’s head and hug it on his chest. Koki respond to it, encircling his arms around Maru’s waist. Ueda saw that. He felt jealous looking at that. After that, he walks to the door, want to go outside the room, but then Maru grab Ueda’s hand with his another hand. Ueda was surprised with Maru’s attitude. Ueda tries to let go Maru’s hand but then it made Maru’s tighten his grip on his wrist. Ueda looked at Maru confusingl and Maru looked at Ueda meaningfully.


* * * * *


“Cut!” The director yelled.

“I’m sorry. I am truly sorry.” Jin bows to the director and the other crew. Because of him, they have been wasting a lot of time.

“Akanishi, are you okay?” The director asked him with concern.

“I think I need some rest, if you don’t mind. I promise, after rest I’ll be okay.” Jin said.

“Okay. I give you rest for about one hour, go and get some rest, while I do the other scene with other artist.”

“Thank you, sir. I’m sorry again.” Jin bowed again.


On the way to his dressing room, he keeps bowing his head, apologizing to the other crew. He knows maybe some of them got angry with him but he is really not in the mood today. Maybe it’s because the rumor about him and Koki that they read yesterday. And now, he really needs his lover right now.


“Moshi moshi. Kazu~”

“Moshi moshi. Jin. What’s up? I thought you have shooting today?”

“Yes. But I request for rest because I am really feeling down today. Ne, Kazu… Can you come here for a while I get some rest?

“But, Jin… I have worked to do now.”

“Kazu… Please… I really need you right now. Please love…”

Hearing Jin’s pleading, Kame was not able to resist him.

“Okay, I’ll come.”


A few minutes later, Kame arrived at the shooting studio. After asking the crew where Jin is, he went to the said room. When he opened the door, Jin automatically runs towards him and hugs him tightly.


“Kazu… Thanks for coming. I love you. I really love you.”

Kame chuckled when he hears this. “I love you too, dear.” Kame said. “Just now you said you are feeling down. But now it looks to me like you are okay.”

“Well, the moment I saw your face, I felt relieve. You lighten up my day, Kazu. Not just today, but always.” Jin said.


Kame blushed when Jin said that.


“Ne, Kazu…” Jin said, still hugging his lover.


“I want my ‘best medicine’ to make my mood better.” Jin said.


Kame looks at Jin, confuse. Jin murmured to Kame doing his puppy eyes. Then, Kame smiled and he kissed Jin. They are kissing so passionately until they broke their kisses for much needed air.


“Better now?” Kame asked when they broke the kiss.

“Yes!” Jin answered with a big smile on his face.

“So, what do you want to do now?” Kame asked again.

“I think I want to take a nap.” Jin answered.


When Kame heard that, he sat on the couch, comfortably. Then, he pats his laps, Jin accepts it happily and throws himself on the couch with his head on Kame’s lap. He turns his body facing Kame’s orbs, hug him and try to get some sleep.  Kame then is caressing Jin’s hair and his face, lovingly. He closed his eyes, and tries to get some sleep while his hand never leaves Jin’s face.


“Ano…Kamenashi-san, Akanishi’s shoot will take another 5 minutes. Please, wake him up and make him ready.” Said the crew who entered the dressing room.

“Hai… Thanks.” Kame answered. “Jin, wake up. Your time is up.”


Jin didn’t wake up but hugged Kame tighter. Kame sighed looking at this. He kiss Jin’s forehead. And this make Jin open his eyes, smiling.


“Wake up, dear. We don’t want the director to get angry and this will make a trouble for you. Wake up, please.” Kame tried to persuade Jin.

“But this is the best place ever and I don’t want to leave it.” Jin said, ignoring what Kame had said.

“Jin…Please listen to me. Wake up, please. If you don’t want, not only the director who will get angry but I will also be pissed off.” Kame tried to menace Jin.

“Okay. I’m up.” Jin sits, looking at Kame while pouting.

“How sweet my lover is.” Kame said teasingly and gives a peck on Jin’s pouted lips. “Now, go wash your face.”

“And how about you? Are you going?” Jin ask, worriedly

“Why? Do you want me to leave?”

“No. Please. Wait for me.”

“Okay.” Kame answered, smiling. Jin grins to his lover and kiss Kame on his cheek.


Kame is reading his script while waiting for Jin in the dressing room. After Jin had finished his shooting, he entered the dressing room and screaming happily when he saw that his lover is still there waiting for him.


“Kazu~” Jin approached Kame, he then hugged and kiss Kame on his cheek.

“You’re done?” Kame asked. Jin just nodded. “So, wanna go home?”

“Yes. But I have to go somewhere first.” Jin said. “Hospital. Urinary test.”

“Okay. Let’s go.” Kame gets up, offers his hand to Jin who is still sitting. Jin seizes Kame’s hand, he takes his bag which Kame already packed for him, and then they both go with hand entwined.


“Are you sure you don’t want me to accompany you inside?” Kame asked when they had arrived at the hospital.

“No, it’s okay. It won’t take long, I think. You just wait in the car, ne.” As Jin said that, he ride off from the car and entered the hospital.


After a while, Jin went back to the car. With a worried look on his face.


“Why? What’s the result?” Kame asks, worriedly looking at Jin’s face.

“There is no result yet. I will get tomorrow.” Jin answered. His face is still looked worried. “Kazu…I am really scared.”

”Why will you be scared? You are innocent.”

“I am scared what Johnny-san will do. You know how he is, right?  I’m afraid that he will do something even if Koki and I are innocent. Just like before. I don’t want to be separated from you again.”

“Don’t worry, dear. I will always be beside you. If he wants to do that, we will fight against him. What happened in the past will never happen again.”

“Owh, Kazu…” Jin grasped Kame’s hand and kissed it. Along the way, Jin is still holding Kame’s left hand. Luckily the car is automatic so Kame doesn’t really need his left hand to drive.


“So, what do you want to eat tonight?” Kame asked.

“I don’t have an appetite to eat.”

“But Jin, you have to eat. You still have a lot of work and it will trouble you if you fell sick, dear. Eat something ,okay?. How about I make you some soup?” Kame tried to persuade Jin.


Jin just nodded his head. Kame smiled. Then they stop by at the nearest market to buy the ingredients.


“So, what else do you want to put in the soup?” Kame asked Jin when they are at the vegetables corner.

“I want this.” Jin grabs a plastic of tomatoes and shows it to Kame.

“Eii…Weirdo… I don’t want to put it.” Kame declined it.

“But Kazu… I really want to eat this.” Jin pouted.

“Okay okay.” Kame took the tomatoes from Jin’s hand and put it in the basket. “I really don’t understand why you like so much tomato.”


When Jin heard what Kame had said, he grabs Kame’s hand and put it on his cheek.


“See. Can’t you feel how smooth my face is? This is what you get when you eat lots tomatoes.” Jin explained, grinning. Kame pouted when heard that.


* * * * *


“You go freshen up first while I cook our dinner.” Kame said as they arrived at their apartment.


Kame then moves forward to the kitchen while Jin goes to the bedroom. A few minutes later, as Kame was putting the last ingredient into the soup, Jin hugged him from behind and rests his chin on Kame’s shoulder.


“Are you done? Just one more minute and this soup will be ready.  You wait, okay.” Kame said, as he rests his back to Jin.


When the soup was ready, Kame pours the soup in the bowl and put it on the table and pour some water in the glass.


“You eat first while I will take the shower. Enjoy the meal.” Kame said, kiss Jin’s cheek and leave Jin at the kitchen while he goes to their bedroom.


After he finished, Jin was already sitting at the living room, watching the television. Kame went to kitchen to wash the dishes but then he notice that Jin didn’t eat the soup. Then, he brings the soup and the water to the living room.


“Why didn’t you eat this? It’s not delicious?” Kame asked when he places himself beside Jin on the couch.

“No. I’m waiting for you. I want you to feed me.” Jin said with a puppy eyes.


Such a spoiled kid, Kame thought smiling.


“Maybe this is not delicious anymore since it is cold already.” Kame said as he feed Jin.

“No. It’s delicious! It’s so delicious compare to the lunch I ate today at the shooting.”


Kame smile when hears it. He feed Jin until its finish. Then, they watch the television. Jin hugged Kame and pulls Kame closer to him. Kame’s leans back at Jin’s chest.


“This is the best place ever.” Jin kissed Kame’s hair.


Whilst Jin said that, Kame raised his face, facing Jin.


“Before you said my lap is the best. Now this is the best. I’m confused.” Kame said, smiling.

“Well, anything if it’s involving you is the best!” Jin said. Kame is blushing, but still feels so happy when heard that.


They continued watching the television. Soon after, Jin already had fallen asleep. Kame who notice this wakes Jin up and ask him to go to the bedroom first as he want to wash the dishes first. When he finished cleaning the kitchen, he goes to the bedroom and placed himself beside Jin. Kame snuggles to Jin who wakes up when notice Kame is there. Jin hugged Kame and makes their body closer.


“I am totally depressed today. But I am really glad that you are always beside me. I love you, Kazu.” Jin said, as he kissed Kame’s forehead.

“I love you too.” Kame answered.


* * * * *


“Okay, cut. Lunch time.” The director screamed.


Jin walks slowly to his dressing room. When he opens the door, he was surprised when saw his lover in there, sitting with a big smile on his cute face.


“Kazu~” Jin scream happily.

“I come to bring this lunch for you. I made it myself. Last night you said you don’t have the appetite to eat their lunch. So, I made this sushi special for you. Come, sit here. I’ll feed you.” Kame pats the couch beside him. Not waiting any longer, Jin place himself beside Kame and eats happily as Kame feed him.


When the shooting is over, they both went to the hospital again to get his urinary test result. Kame is waiting for Jin in the car when he saw Jin run towards him, happily with a big smile on his face.


“I’m clean. The result is negative. I’m clean.” Jin said that.


They were both so happy with the results and on the way home, they buy pizza because Jin insist to buy it because he don’t want Kame to cook that night since he already cook for Jin at lunch. When they arrived, as usual Jin takes the shower first, while Kame does the laundry. When Kame finished doing the laundry he waited for Jin sitting on the bed. Soon after Jin finish, he sat in front of Kame and give Kame the towel. Then Kame dried Jin’s hair with that towel and he comb Jin’s hair. Next they both go to the living room where Kame already prepared the pizza and the juice at the table. They sit beside each other. Jin take a slice of the pizza and feed Kame and Kame do the same thing. When it comes to drink, Jin just grab Kame’s glass and drink from it.


“Hey…It’s my glass. Yours is another one.” Kame said.

“I don’t want. I want to share the glass with you so that I can get the indirect kiss from you.” Jin said, grinning.


As Jin finish said it, Kame crushes his lips onto Jin, and they kiss.


“See… I can give you the real one. So, why you need the indirect kiss?” Kame asks.

“Nothing. It’s just I want to try something new.” Jin said, smiling.



* * * * *


“Akanishi-kun, Tanaka-kun, Johnny-san want you both go to his office. He wants to see you.” Takaki, their junior said when he enters KAT-TUN’s dressing room.


Koki and Jin look at each other, wondering and worried at the same time. They both get up and walk out the door. Kame gives Jin a hug to encourage his lover. While waiting for them both to come back, Kame keeps pacing in the room. He is so worried. Then, when the door opened Jin enters with a gloomy face. When Jin saw Kame was there, he runs towards Kame and hugged him tightly. Kame embraces him back.


“Kazu~ I want my ‘best medicine’.” Jin said. As Jin said that, Kame kissed him full on the lips and Jin responds to the kiss.


Maru, Ueda and Junno who happens to be in the same room, just ignore them both and waiting for Koki for an explanation. Soon after, Koki appeared with a big smile on his face.


“Koki, why you come here with smiling while Jin is so gloomy?” Junno ask.

“Why should Jin sad? We are supposed to be happy.” As Koki said that, Kame looks at him confusingly.

“Yes. Nothing happen. Johnny just asked us not to see that friend of us for the time being until the case is settle.” Koki explained.

Kame looks at Jin, “Why you lied?”

“I didn’t lie. I didn’t say anything. I just enter this room with gloomy face and asking for my ‘best medicine’. That’s all.”


“Well, this baka is the one that you love, right?”

“Yes. Very much.” Kame said, smiling.


-The end-

How is it guys? I know, the issues that I used for this fic is like out-of-date. Well, I kinda slow if it comes to this. Gomen~ But, I still insist to post this fic. Do you like it? Maybe this is the last fic before I 'take a leave' in writing a fic. A lot of works to do lately...

Comments are loved~

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  • One-shot: 5 Times Jin Ignore Kame

    Title: 5 Times Jin Ignore Kame Pairing: AKAME (obviously, what did you expect from me) Rating: PG Genre: Romance…or maybe…

  • One-Shot: The Last Weekend Night

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